Cat Grooming In Utah

Cats are cleaner than dogs, but if you’re a cat owner, you know they aren’t always clean enough.

That’s why our clients bring their cats to Kibbles & Cuts for cat grooming at our Draper or Sandy location in Utah.

Cats Aren’t Always Clean

Cats Aren’t Always Clean

Cats are known to be self-cleaning, but the process can give them hairballs — and this is especially the case with long-haired cats. As careful and diligent as cats can be about cleaning themselves, longhairs have a particularly hard time working out the clumps and knots that can form on their haunches, belly and behind their ears.

Overweight cats and older cats with arthritis may have a hard time keeping their anal area clean as well, leading to discomfort, odor and possible illness.

Cats Aren’t Always Clean

Welcome to Kibbles & Cuts, where we transform your feline friend from fabulous to purrfection! Our cat grooming services are like a spa day for your whiskered companion, ensuring they look and feel their best.

Dive into the luxurious world of cat pampering with our specialized bath featuring soap that’s as gentle as a kitten’s whisker, specially formulated for all your cat’s unique needs, whether they’re battling dry skin or engaging in an epic flea showdown. Once bath time is over, we work our magic, combing through their fur and drying them until they’re fluffier than a marshmallow cloud. This not only leaves them squeaky clean but also bids farewell to those pesky dead skin cells and loose hairs that might otherwise decorate your furniture or create impromptu hairball art.

But wait, there’s more! We’re not just grooming, we’re cat couturiers, offering personalized trims that turn your cat into a true furball fashionista. Whether they need a subtle touch-up or a full fur makeover, our cat groomers work their magic, leaving your feline friend looking tidy, sleek, and knot-free.

Did you know that the secret to your cat’s post-grooming glow lies in the redistribution of natural oils? That’s right! Your cat emerges from our grooming haven with a radiant sheen, looking like they just stepped off the cover of a kitty magazine.

To keep the fabulousness lasting longer, we recommend a little post-grooming maintenance. Regular brushing, especially for those long-haired and medium-haired divas, keeps their fur looking top-notch and ensures the effects of our grooming prowess endure.

So, why wait? Schedule your cat’s VIP grooming experience today at Kibbles & Cuts, where every cat is treated like royalty, and the results are nothing short of purrfection!

VIP Cat Grooming

We also offer a VIP treatment that includes nail filing, tooth brushing and moisturizing. If your cat goes outside, cat grooming is especially important, as it is an opportunity for your groomer to notice ticks, thorns or any injuries to your cat that you may not have noticed.

If you have a short-haired cat, you can opt to get them a bath without a haircut if you so choose. They will come home clean, shiny and as fresh as a daisy. This is also a great option if your cat has gotten into something messy in between cat grooming appointments, such as food, mud or waste from another animal.

VIP Cat Grooming

Call Kibbles & Cuts today and make an appointment for cat grooming at our Draper or Sandy location in Utah. Your cat will come to love their pet grooming sessions with us!

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