Standard Groom

priced by breed

Includes all services from a standard bath plus a full haircut                                                                                                                    

Standard Bath

priced by breed

Includes our all-natural shampoo, a blow out, ear cleaning, nail trimming, light trimming (around face, feet, and fanny), and a brush out

Pick 2 Package$15
Pick any two add ons

Mid Level Package$25
Special Shampoo
Special Conditioner
Pick 2 add-ons

Full Pamper Package$30
Special Shampoo
Special Conditioner
Pick 4 add-ons

Add On Servicessmall/large
Nail Filing$5/$7.50
Nail Painting$10
Tooth Brushing$10
Special Shampoo$6
Special Conditioner$6
Shampoo & Conditioner$10
Hot Oil Treatment$10
Nose & Paw Balm$6
Ear Plucking (Pain Relieving Powder)$7.50
De-matting (per 15 min)$12.50

Walk-in Servicessmall/ large
Nail Trim & File$10/$15
Brushout (per 15 min.)$12.50
Paw Trim$10/$15
Face Trim$10/$15
Sanitary Trim$10/$15
Ear Plucking (Pain Relieving Powder)$10
Tooth Brushing$10

De-shed Package
small / large
De-shed shampoo and conditioner
Extra 30 minutes of brushing
Nail Filing
Tooth brushing

Other Servicessmall / large
Special Handling$15
De-Skunk Service$15/$20
Express Groom$20

Full Groom$70
Bath & Brush$65
Nail Trim$10
Nail Cap Installation (Includes trim)$15

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